Hey, I'm Enes 👋

I'm a self-taught young web developer from the Turkey. I'm currently pursuing front-end developer, bash, terminal on the backend.

What I Do And Who Am I 💭

I play video games (Only Minecraft and Cs:Go), watching films and listen music on my free time I'm a 11th Grade student. Learning Typescript and Flutter. I dont like math class because its boring tbh

Technologies I Use💻

I use some Technologies my projects. Theese are some of Technologies i use.

  • Projects 🛠️

    In my free time, I enjoy creating open source projects on GitHub, so I can learn from others and showcase what I know. In total, all of my open sourced projects have earnt me 4 stars on GitHub, and 0 forks. Below are some of my most popular repositories.


    Web Developer • 2022